The Crisis Of Homelessness Has Been Experienced The World Over And Australia

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The crisis of homelessness has been experienced the world over and Australia is no different in this regard. With the real estate boom of the 90s and early 2000s, previously affordable areas saw a steep increase in newly constructed housing that led to the gentrification of such suburbs (Lucas, 2014) and caused a rise in the price of housing in the area. The Commonwealth and State governments have identified the lack affordable housing as a pressing issue and one of the causes of homelessness. This in turn, has led to the release of various policies, white papers and commitments to addressing the issue. Through this essay, the author will attempt to theorise the policy making process by analysing the policy episode of the Moreland…show more content…
With housing stress (Moreland City Council) defined as spending 30% or more of household income on rent or mortgage, the Moreland City Council identified over 50% of respondents who were experiencing moderate to high levels of housing stress. They seek to address the issue of affordable housing by finding means to provide these vulnerable families with affordable, appropriate and accessible housing (Moreland City Council) by creating social and community housing properties in partnership with local community housing providers and private property developers. The Moreland City Council also identified the lack of a funding commitment by State and Commonwealth governments (Moreland City Council) to be a key influence in the creation of this policy as they believed that there was a serious shortage of funding to allow for the provision of affordable housing within the city of Moreland. Though the Moreland City Council has been able to identify avenues to allow for the provision of affordable housing in the area, they do not have as much power and funding available to them to be able to successfully meet these requirements without intervention from State and Commonwealth governments who have greater flexibility in this regard. They propose a process of collaboration, consultation and

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