The Crisis Of Poverty And Its Identity

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Michael Burlotos Burlotos 1 Professor Sancak-Marusa Writing 205 23 March 2015 The Crisis of Poverty and its Identity Poverty is a huge threat to the social identity and the existence of humanity in the developing world. It poses the threat to stability and peace more than terrorism, bad leadership, and natural disasters (Barrett, 2013). In other words, poverty affects the thinking of people and their standard of living. It has been a goal for society throughout the years to ensure that the poverty levels have been reduced. The global commitment to reducing poverty has increased. There are acts that are done every day globally to improve the living standards of others. Education as a social identity aids in enhancing sustainable development (Boran, 2010). Investing in education is investing for the future in human capital, research, and innovation. Darling (2006) says that poverty is a critical issue that the society is grappling to eradicate as it affects the social, political, and economic setting of the society. Education helps people to understand their personal roles, as well as, governments’. It is crucial to understand our surroundings. In addition, education helps self-assurance, awareness, confidence, and dignity that play in improving quality of life. Education is a key component for any personal growth. Additionally, education enhances productivity
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