The Crisis Of The United States

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Historically speaking, inaction could provide a greater problem than the crisis itself. As we are getting ready to have the largest refugee crisis in the United States in the next few years, we should step back and ask ourselves why we are squandering so few as 1500 Syrians. The United States is viewed as a world power by most countries; a world power that has an obligation to provide aid and mitigate crises. Why should we not? At this point, the United States lags far behind several European countries in efforts to ease the refugee crisis. It is our duty to help our Allied countries to alleviate this worldwide problem. Countries like Jordan, Germany, Sweden, France, Turkey, and Libya have accepted thousands of refugees. It is obvious that…show more content…
The strongest obligation belonging to those countries who have fed arms and money into the Syrian conflict. A weaker-but-still-meaningful responsibility would attach the Unites States, because we too have sent arms” (Douthat). What Douthat is arguing here is not that every country must multitudes of Syrians, but that all countries do have some type of obligation to aid in relief of the situation and those who are directly involved in the mishaps in the Middle-East have a great deal more of responsibility, as they were involved in and have a root in the dilemma. From 2007 to 2011 the United States immigration courts received 21,104 defensive asylum claims from Mexicans. Of that large number of claims filed, only 2 percent were granted asylum (Book 1). Only 2 percent of 21,104 were allowed to stay in the United States. The others were sent back to Mexico, a country that is so infested with drug-cartel violence that mass amounts of people have been displaced from their homes. According to the Government of Mexico, 47,000 people have been killed between 2006 and September of 2011 as a result of drug-cartel and criminal violence (Book 1). If the United States wants to call itself a world power who is focused on promoting peace worldwide, then how can we rightfully send the other 98 percent of the 21,104 back to Mexico to be subjected to acts of
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