The Crisis Of The United States

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There has been an a crisis that has been happening in Syria for awhile now. This conflict has been impacting a lot of people in their community and those that are out of the county. This includes the United States as an example. It was instructed and formally written that the higher authorities at the White House are being demanded to take in more refugees into the States. Along with, it 's been shown that we have been taking more refugees over the period of time since this first had started.

Therefore, the number will be dramatically increasing over the time since it has been formed. If we decide to help these follow people out, it is then we have to financially support them for they can manage their lives. Not to mention, if we pursue and continue with this it will take a long time to process and look at their information to see if they can enter. Not everyone will get in, because the process can take a long time. As a result, with the numbers significantly impacting others from previous years, we need to be on the look out of those that do.

Gordon, M. (2015). WASHINGTON. Ex-Officials Urge White House to Accept More Syrian Refugees

2. First, service is truly significant in this area when helping people. This is important because, us social workers mission is to have services available for anyone that needs the help. By taking in people in from Syria, we can make a referral where they can gather more assistance where they can feel their problems are being address.…

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