The Crisis Of The Why Nations Fail

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1. According the “Why Nations Fail” (Acemoglu and Robinson, pp. 13-16), the encomienda was an institution in colonized Latin America beginning in the 16th century in which Spanish conquistadors obtained labor and wealth from the indigenous population. The encomienda served to organize people in a way that would make them functionally owned by the powerful leader who had imposed the system. This form of slavery was done under the guise of an exchange, for the Spanish agreed to share Christianity with the natives and it was designed to benefit them solely. This perpetual arrangement helps to explain some of the inequalities we see today in the world. Modern countries where the encomienda was once dominant remain substantially more poor than…show more content…
For example, the colonization of areas around the world, including most of Africa and South America, has had repercussions even to today. The feudal system that was often utilized took products away from the people, established an elite class that was able to hold onto power above others, and did not display any kind of accountability. Countries can either follow or repel their set path, but how states have reacted to critical junctures previously always has a lasting impact. In sum, the direction a country took affects if it is rich or poor now.

3. A vetocracy is the structure in a government where there are multiple points and ways in which players, either groups or individuals, are allowed to delay or prevent laws or other forms of policy from being enacted. This could, for example, come in the form of the executive undermining the legislative process by impeding both its options and ability to act. In the United States, a bill has to overcome many obstacles, such as committee, the full chamber, and the president’s decision, to get passed, so it is difficult to quickly achieve policy changes as a result. Even through Congress is completely Republican, it cannot pursue its agenda rigorously because President Obama, who can and would want to stop it because it is a member of the opposite, threatens the Congress’s efforts. The majority
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