The Crisis Of Venezuela 's Crises

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Venezuela’s Crises:
When Christopher Columbus discovered the coast of Venezuela, he thought he had encountered an earthly paradise, today that grace land is ravaged by famine, inflation, scarcity, violence, social and political conflicts; “social implosion [being] driven by economic collapse, caused by shockingly self-destructive policy making” (Toro, 1). Venezuela’s antidemocratic government and its lack of foresight has created a severe economic crisis crumbling health care system and a lack of basic necessities and is jailing innocent people who object.
This delicate subject is affecting millions Venezuelan citizens as well as raising concerns of family members abroad fearing for their kin. It has affected generations so much that many have decided to leave behind jobs, friends and family to flee from its own country. Venezuela is one of the most dangerous countries at present, a dangerous country where “economic crises and high inflation, like panic-induced runs on banks, generate self-serving, defensive behaviors that tend to spiral out of control,” (Corrales, 15). Venezuelan citizens are having a really difficult time realizing how bad their country is doing and how their families are trying to survive day by day.
A lot of young kids and adults are not currently living in the country because of its condition and situation. There are many Venezuelan citizens who are not even allowed to go because of the fear that if they go and visit they could get killed. Monica Spear
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