The “Crisis” in Education

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Many Americans have this idea in their head that in order to be someone in this world you need a strong education, which will help you get a well paying job. However, many people believe that this idea of a “strong education” is actually destroying our kids. According to many philosophers they’re two crises that are endangering the American education system. One “crisis” being that school is taking away from a child’s individualism, the other being that the education system is falling behind. The two are very different and both have many strategies to solve them, which we have discussed during the semester.
The first reading of the semester “We Need Less School, Not More” by John Gatto really pointed out many things “wrong” with the American education system. Gatto was an educator for 26 years in the New York City school district; so I immediately believed that his thoughts on schools wouldn’t be to cut the time kids spend in it. The first crisis is the conformity of children who attend schools. Gatto believes that children learn what they live, and if all they do for seven hours a day they will become how school makes them. According to Gatto School forces kids “to think about the same thing at the same time in the same way.” he sees this as kids losing their individual thoughts and just learning to be a worker in a network. His only solution to this problem is to cut the hours or days spent in school to allow kids to have more time to figure out what they want to do.
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