The Crisis of Developing Countries Results from Two Sets of Factors. Clearly Identify and Critically Discuss Both Sets of Factors. in Your View, Which Sets of Factors Weigh More for the Development Crisis and Why?

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The word ‘development’ has been an issue of great discussion in the media both in developing countries both in Africa and the world at large. The leaders of LDCs have for years been trying to change their countries for the better so as to bring them up to par with the developed countries of the world but can most developing countries can show, much of this effort has proved to be in vain as these countries are still struggling. These countries are in what is termed as the crisis of development which can be seen to be a result of two sets of factors; Internal and external factors. This paper is clearly going to identify and critically discuss both sets of factors of the crisis of development. Once this is done, the essay will move on to …show more content…
These are funds that can be used to develop the countries’ infrastructure, improve health services and generally help in making the lives of many much better. Rather than this, such amounts are consumed because of the greed of the people managing them and this hinders the progress in the development of a country.
The internal factors can also include the attitudes and mindset of the people. Factors such as greed and ignorance have greatly undermined the levels of development due to things the embezzlement of public funds, the ‘free-rider mentality,’ and the dishonesty of those in office who opt to constantly undertake trips to foreign nations for routine medical checkups rather than provide such hospitals in the countries they lead. Umez (2004) writes regarding Nigeria that the people have illusions to that encourage such activities; “that corruption in everywhere and that Nigeria is still a young country when compared to the US which took over 200years to get to where it is today.” As such, it is grueling to develop a country when the people still see the current situation as fine and justifiable and this is what has contributed to the crisis of development.
Majority if not all developing states use the capitalist economy. As Mankiw (2001: 10) writes, the government is allowed to interfere but
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