The Critical Aspect of Software Usability

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Software Usability: While it's also described as methods for enhancing ease-of-use during the process of design, usability is also defined as the quality attribute that evaluates how easier it is to utilize user interfaces. Together with utility, usability is regarded as a significant element that determines whether something is useful. As an essential quality attribute, utility consists of five major components i.e. efficiency, memorability, learnability, errors, and satisfaction. In relation to the internet, usability is an essential factor for survival since people will leave a website as long as it's difficult to use. Some of the most vital aspects regarding usability include the appropriate criteria for measuring it, responsible people to make usability judgments, and resolution of usability disagreements. Conducting Usability: As it plays a critical role in each phase of the design process, there are various important factors that should be considered. First, it's important to carry out a field study on the behaviors of users in their natural habitat (Nielsen, 2003). Following the field study, the design should be evaluated based on the established guidelines on usability as the design ideas are tested through several iterations. This process involves moving gradually from low-fidelity to high-fidelity representations that function on the computer system. The process of developing a new design should be preceded by testing the old design to determine the good
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