The Critical Leadership Problem

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L108 Take Home Exam Class 13-01 th “The 56 Heavy Brigade Combat Team” Exam Question: What is the critical leadership problem facing the 56th HBCT Brigade Commander and how will you, as the new brigade commander, improve the organization? LTC (P) Osborne returned to the 56th HBCT after 2 ½ years to serve in the deputy brigade commander (DCO) position. Three short years ago the 56th HBCT was considered among the best maneuver brigades in Forces Command. Several assessments and surveys were taken proving that the environment had changed and that there is a critical leadership problem in leader competencies. As the BCO, Col Axel was tasked to lead in the three competency areas. His primary responsibility was to lead others;…show more content…
Moreover, Fogarty indicated that if they took their concerns to their battalion commanders they would regret it. When this was mentioned to LTC(P) Lennon, he stated, "Hell, that's just Fogarty flexing his muscle. There's no better brigade S3 in the division, and everyone knows it. Those battalion officers need to quit sniveling and get to work." Finally, the BCT Chaplain confirmed that there was an increase in divorces and that the reason appears to be marital unfaithfulness during the last deployment and a continued OPTEMPO that is causing the spouses at home to feel alone and without hope. He indicated that he believes most of the issues with infidelity are internal to the Brigade. Col Axel’s response to the Chaplain’s concern was simply, “Those are only rumors. Don’t bring me that stuff without proof!” Leaders must be able to cultivate and develop the environment, themselves and others. It appeared the HBCT staff was able to manage day-to-day operations, but struggled with their ability to be effective in developing others. Another issue that was never addressed occurred approximately five months into the brigade's fifteen month deployment. A suicide vehicle-borne IED (SVBIED) attacked a patrol. The attack killed the brigade commander, the brigade command sergeant major, one of the battalion commanders as well as wounded several soldiers and Afghan Security Forces. In the immediate aftermath of the
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