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We live in a society where race is seen as a vital part of our personalities, the lack of racial identity is very often an important factor which prevent people from not having their own identity (Omi & Winant, 1993). Racism is extemely ingrained in our society and it seems ordinary (Delgado & Stefanic, 2000), however, many people denounce the expression of any racist belief as immoral (Miles & Brown, 2003) highlighting the complicated nature of racism. Critical Race Theory tries to shed light on the issue of racism claiming that racism is ingrained in our society both in legal, cultural, and psychological aspects of social life (Tate, 1997). This essay provides us the opportunity to explore this theory and its
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Critical Race Theory (CRT) claims that racism is quite usual in social life and white superiority is extremely ingrained in educational, legal, and political structures which is often unrecognizable (Taylor, 2009). According to Delgado and Stefanic (2000):

‘‘CRT begins with an a number of basic insticts. One is that racism is normal, not abberrant, in American society. Because racism is an ingrained feature of our landscape, it looks ordinary and natural to persons in the culture. Formal equal opportunity – rules and laws that insist on treating blacks and whites (for example) alike – can thus remedy only the more extreme and shocking forms of injustice, the ones that do stand out. It can do little about the business-as-usual forms of racism that people of color confront every day and that account for much misery, alienation, and despair’’ (Delgado & Stefanic, 2000: xvi).

Although, this theory began as a part of law sciences, nowadays, there is a great interest of CRT in the field of education, helping people to understand some forms of discrimination which face the non-white people in education (Delgado & Stefanic, 2001). Moreover, embraces a lot of academic fields such as history, political science, anthropology etc (Delgado & Stefanic, 2001). CRT main purpose is not only to understand the social structures that promote inequalities but to eliminate them, it is clear that CRT targets on

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