The Critical Success Factor Of British Petroleum

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The image as well as the operational business reputation of a corporation is critical to the survivability of the corporation in today’s business world. Today we will put our focus on one of UK’s largest multinational oils company’s. In the case with British Petroleum (BP) as it actively explores oil in 26 countries around the world, due to BP’s lack of focus on the safety issues presented in the 2004 Telos Group report coupled with the oversight and control to correct safety hazards, the Texas plant experienced a disastrous fire and explosion killing 15 workers and injuring 180 other personnel as stated by Halbert and Ingulli (2012, pg. 185) An investigation by the Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board released a report in 2007 that revealed process safety leadership issues starting with senior management as well as disregarding safety concerns throughout BP. This paper will attempt to look at various details of the Critical Success Factor of British Petroleum (BP). We will then determine how these factors impact the success of the firm through project benefits, risk culture and organizational readiness. In this paper we will also provide project risk recommendations that will allow companies to plan accordingly when dealing with risk management task this way they will focus more on responsibilities, safety activities and budget. Lastly, we will create and identify checklist based on the categories of risk.
Critical Success Factors
In order to project social
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