The Critique Of Sherlock Holmes And The West End Horror

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On October 28, 2017 I attended the play “Sherlock Holmes and the West End Horror” at the Rover Dramawerks Theater. The play is based on a novel written by Nicholas Meyer, and it concerned Sherlock Holmes and his colleague, Dr. John Watson, who are visited by Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw, and are tasked with solving the murder of a theater critic. The show blended the classic elements of the Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson mysteries while also alluding to several literary figures of the 19th century such as Oscar Wilde and Bram Stoker, along with addressing subtle racial tones and mocking the theater during this time period. Overall, the presentation was successful in portraying the vintage Sherlock Holmes mystery in London while bringing in comedic elements such as mocking the theater and addressing racial epithets that contributed to the overall play itself. The production did this by having costumes that mirrored that of that of 19th century London and the different cultures, sets and props that were simple, yet showed 221B Baker Street and London accurately, and ideas/thoughts that were complex enough to address different issues during this time period, while still advancing to solve the murder mystery. While observing this play, I saw many parts that contributed to the content and structure. First, the theater itself was not very large, as the stage was very close to the seats, and there were only 5 rows which made it very easy to hear the actors and see the

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