The Critique Of The Movie Amistad

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This essay is going to be about the movie called Amistad. It is a 10 of December 1997 American film directed by Steven Spielberg which was a very famous Hollywood director, based on a story which happened in 1839 about some Spanish man in a ship called Amistad which had captured many slaves to sell. This history of the movie was made in Connecticut in the coast were a case occurred to save the slaves which had ended up in the united states, it was a hard case, but the case was given to the liberty of the slaves, the case took around four years to be solved. Long time ago a ship called Amistad, brought slaves all the way from Cuba to the United States of America on the date of 1839. The ship called Amistad transported African slaves who had been sold as slaves in Cuba. In Cuba there was like a huge concentration camp which had many slaves which were carried on…show more content…
Cinque was An African farmer of the Mende tribe, who is kidnapped from his West African home and sold into slavery. After leading a revolt against the Spanish crew of the slave ship Amistad, he soon finds himself on trial for murder in a small courthouse in the state of Connecticut. Roger Baldwin a Connecticut real estate lawyer who agrees to work for Cinque and his fellow slaves by trying to prove in court that they were not born slaves, and therefore could not legally ever become slaves. John Quincy Adams The sixth President of the US 1825-1829, who was in fact a Congressman from Massachusetts in 1839, who agrees to work for the release of Cinque and his fellow slaves. Martin Van Buren The 8th President of the United States, and a silly politician who was most concerned that the problems with the Amistad did not lead to his defeat in the election of 1840.Queen of Spain had a right to the slaves since they were the property of two Spanish
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