The Critique OfBowling For Columbine, By Michael Moore

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Columbine high school located in Littleton, Colorado is where a one of the most tragic and misfortune massacre occurred. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold are the two responsible students for one of the worst school shooting in American history. On April 20th of 1999 the two students attended their first class, bowling. Afterwards, they went home and gathered weapons. They arrived to school and shot it up. Unfortunately, one teacher, 12 students died. In addition, 21 were severely injured. Afterwards, they shot themselves and died. “Bowling For Columbine” is a document directed and written by Michael Moore. The document does not fully describe the shooting. In fact, most of the document is about other matters rather than this specific…show more content…
Moreover, it seems he used this tragedy to grab attention and express his political views. For example, Michael explained in his document how George Bush does not care about the poor. According to Moore, Bush did not view the poor as a priority and he prioritized the needs of the elite. Further, that segment of the document was completely irrelevant to the shooting. It was just Moore suggesting his assumptions about a president. In essence, Michael is a hypocrite for taking the spotlight from the shooting and highlighting his views. Although, the document does not fully highlight the Columbine shooting, it should be praised to extend for the few segments that highlighted the shooting. For instance, Moore took the time to interview two individuals who were shot at Columbine. First, Richard who is paralyzed due to the injuries. Second, Mark, who is suffering severely due to the shooting. Moore did not only interview those individuals, he took a further step to show the significance of guns and the harm. Moreover, Micheal bought all the supplies of ammunition from Kmart where the shooters of Columbine bought their supplies. Afterwards, Michael went to the headquarters of Kmart in an attempt to return them and made a point. He brought the press as well. This was a very clever and effective move. Moreover, Kmart no
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