The Critique of Case Study: Specialty Food and Beverage Company

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The critique of Case Study: Specialty Food and Beverage Company Written by: Haolin Li(ID:1207710), Jing Zhao(ID:1210347) Words : 1617 Specialty Food and Beverage company (SF), which founded in 2004 in Denmark, mainly covers foods and beverage, restaurants and hotel area. Recent years, the company had faced several problems which lead SF to an embarrassing situation. This assignment will introduce SF’s current issues, analyze the decision and then discuss the solution way which chose by SF’s high level management team. Tim Casey, the owner also the operator of SF, has made an extraordinary forward for the company business in 1992. He used over fifteen years to arise the company revenues from…show more content…
SF does not want the product overproduced, provide timely reporting of product sales in order to avoid this problem. For this reason, the company's inventory becomes a serious problem. For SF, the other problem is that the company has developed many new products are not considering the desires of customers. SF might need a market research to know the customers need which will help the company to adjust their decision. SF needs a full market research to understand customer needs, which will help companies adjust their decisions. In addition, a good market research can help maximize corporate profits, increase sales, and expand the market. For a profitable company, producing unwanted products is pointless. As a priority target, the customer's willingness is important for the company's better development. Although a lot of SF’s new customers require discount pricing, SF is worried about their brand image will get erode. As a company focused on "the high level market", this move is much more clever, because the company will maintain its market value and its reputation. Mirror & Smoke stated that “ The idea of branding is to make sure that you create a positive experience and back it up with quality processes and technology.” (n.d.). As the company which already has brand value, it is easy to ruin it, but it is difficult to get it back. The customer will always choose the brand which they think is good. Discount pricing might get more

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