The Crucible: A Brief History Of Mccarthyism

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Purab Kothari 3/20/16
Ms. Kelterborn I Search Paper

McCarthyism is a topic that has eluded me for a while. Before research, I have no knowledge about the topic. All I know is that McCarthyism is the practice of accusing people based off of no evidence and for unfair reasons. The reason I chose to research McCarthyism is plainly because I don’t know much about it, but I am interested in it due to reading about the Witch Trials in stories such as The Crucible. The Crucible identifies that many people were accused of being witches unjustly, and that people accused each other for the most unrelated and personal reasons. This unfairness is what caused me to become interested in McCarthyism because even today there
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The people of the U.S. were scared of communism because communist countries were usually led by dictatorships and the thought of having communists in the American government led to the concern of a security threat. Since McCarthy had “knowledge” on possible communists, people let him try many innocent people who were falsely accused. I think that this is extremely unconstitutional and it reminds me of The Crucible, which is why I enjoy researching this topic. This reminds me of The Crucible because the hysteria in Salem during the Witch Trials allowed Abigail to get away with having many innocent hanged, comparable to how hysteria within the U.S. encouraged McCarthy to gain attention through accusing others of communism. The hysteria in Salem was called the Salem Witch Trials, and in the McCarthy/Cold War era it was called the Red Scare. I had seen the term “The Red Scare” associated with McCarthyism before, but I didn’t know until researching that The Red Scare was the time period of unrest caused by the fear of communism, largely instigated by Joseph McCarthy himself. This discovery is very exciting because now the difference between McCarthyism and the Red Scare is clear: McCarthyism itself is the false accusation of someone innocent while
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