The Crucible Analysis

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The Crucible “Hypocrisy at Charlottesville.” The American Spectator, 16 Aug. 2017, Situation: When the mainstream media is addressing violent and contentious incidents, such as riots or terror attacks, it is often partisan when placing the blame on certain groups. Freedom of speech is something that comprehends all of us, including the aggressive and belligerent ones, but the issue is that the mainstream media was quick to indict all white nationalists for the actions of James Fields, the man who killed someone at the rally in Charlottesville, but failed to indict leftist groups, such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter, for also committing violence at said rally. President Trump has been censured for not calling out rightist groups for perpetrating violence, even though he did condemn all violence, and certain individuals even petitioned him to focus on chastising the right, which begs the question: violence from the right is objectionable, but why is it not the same for the left? Bias: The author is biased to a slight extent. The whole article is about pointing out how the public and mainstream media are prejudiced against the right and how the left is free from blame, meaning that the author disapproves of this imbalance and probably supports the right; however, he did mention that the white nationalists who demonstrated first were racists, thus possibly leveling out his bias in favor of the right. He specified that Black Lives
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