The Crucible And 12 Angry Men Analysis

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The Crucible and Twelve Angry Men (1957 film) share many similarities between them, particularly in the themes they convey throughout the texts. Justice and prejudice are the main ideas presented in both texts, however the setting and outcomes differ significantly between the two, providing a different insight in each text. Both authors, Miller and Lumet, present relevant issues in the context of the 1950s that both texts were written. The similar social condition of America that the two texts were published in is a likely factor as to why the two texts have similar motifs presented throughout. Both The Crucible and Twelve Angry Men (1957 film) are about justice. The two texts feature important scenes involving a trial where the fate of a character’s life rests in the hands of other people. However, the two texts have very different final outcomes. In both texts, the main protagonists argue against the majority, despite the backlash that they receive. Proctor speaks out in The Crucible after learning about the lies that Abigail and her friends are telling that have caused the imprisonment of members of the town and are even threatening their lives. Proctor takes a considerable risk by arguing against the witchcraft, especially in the Puritan society where religion is how the town is governed. His decision inevitably backfires on him and begins the series of events that lead to his execution. On the other hand, Juror #8 in Twelve Angry Men goes against the majority as he sees the boys poor upbringing, his less-than-fair state appointed defence attorney and the jury’s almost immediate unanimous decision to convict him, unjust and believes he deserves a better chance. Unlike Proctor, Juror #8 speaking out against the other men results in justice for the accused who walks away with his life. Justice in the two texts is represented considerably differently to each other. In The Crucible it is evident that Abigail and her friends are in the wrong, condemning people to be death by lying and accusing the town members of Witchcraft, and therefore Proctor attempting to expose them for their dishonesty and bring justice to those who had been wrongfully accused, which included his wife, was a brave and noble thing to
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