The Crucible And The Film `` High Noon ``

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The term “honor” has been around since the manifestation of organized society, metamorphosing according to culture, religion, time period, and geography. Originally, a person’s honor was determined by society, but the term has evolved to become more personal, or self-evaluated. The primary characters of the play The Crucible and the film “High Noon”, though varying in certain ways, exhibit this particular “self-evaluated” honor. In the strict Puritan society presented in The Crucible, John Proctor’s honor is solely dependent on how honest he believes he is. In the Western town of Hadleyville, we are introduced to marshal Will Kane of “High Noon”, whose personal honor depends on fulfilling his professional duty. Despite the differences in…show more content…
We see a profound shift in Proctor’s idea of himself as he faces his death, claiming: “for now I do think I see some shred of goodness in John Proctor” (Miller 144). With his final decision to not confess to a false accusation, he has redeemed himself by preserving his highly revered honesty, reducing his intense internal guilt, and ultimately restoring his personal honor. Despite being given the opportunity to escape this accusation, Proctor’s honor code compels him to give up his life, thus preventing the accusations against other members of his community from gaining any credibility.
In the film “High Noon”, protagonist Will Kane faces a critical issue that directly affects his honor. He is confronted with the choice of staying and risking his life, or leaving town as planned, but violating his honor code. The infamous killer Frank Miller has returned and is an immediate threat to the town, and from the frightened appearances of the townspeople, it is clear that he is not to be underestimated. Meanwhile, Kane is due to leave town with his wife, but decides that he cannot because he feels that, as the one who got Miller arrested, he is responsible for ensuring that Miller does not become a threat to anyone in Hadleyville. This urges him to stay,
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