The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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Alaysia Lewis Powell Pre AP English 20 April 2015 The Crucible Research Paper The play The Crucible written by Arthur Miller, withholds many conflicts that arise resulting in many themes as well. Such as weight, Reputation, and Good vs. Evil. These themes form from the Salem witch trials. Repeatedly people become accused of witchcraft, throughout the play this continues to drag out due to the people of Salem’s accusations and deceit for one another. The play continues to move to a tense and moving climax resulting in the death of many prominent people of Salem. The play contains the primary theme of weight as a way to reveal characters motives within the play. In the play Giles Corey refuses to confess. Due to this many stones are placed upon his chest causing for him to say “More Weight” (Miller 944), rather than confess. This quote shows how Giles asks for more weight with the stones because he would rather die than ruin his reputation. Giles also knows that control needs to come in his life in some way, so by him asking for more weight showed the officials that his life in his own hands rather than theirs. Miller reveals how Giles would symbolically resemble a Christ like figure because of the weight of truth he bare upon himself to die with his soul pure. He declares more weight keeps his faith rather than deceive God by false confessing when bound for death. The theme of weight is viewed as a burden. For examples. Parris asks Abigail to feel the “…Weight of truth”

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