The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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Nature dictates that survival is the key to life, improving one’s own situation is in higher consideration than improving the wellbeing of a mass. Humans are naturally corrupted in such a way that they manipulate events to their own liking and prosperity. In “The Crucible,” written by Arthur Miller, characters in Salem are driven by self-promoting ulterior motives through righteous justification. Consistently, Salemites undermine others in effort to establish self-gain. This dissembling triggers a mass adherence for a selfish cause. Righteous justification for self-promoting ulterior economic or social gains are not only exposed and characterized by Arthur Miller, but are still relevant throughout modern society. For instance, Thomas Putnam uses the death of his children as a facade to extend his ulterior capitalistic motives. By using his daughter Ruth to fabricate accusations, Putnam condemns civilians and then profits by taking their land. Salem stands by his efforts due to the misrepresentation of the accused and falsely believe that the condemning is ethical. False righteous means for economic and imperialistic expansion have been executed for centuries. Propaganda, exploitation and manipulation are recurring methods of self-gain through conquest. One such instance is the CIA and International Monetary Fund covertly operating to exploit the third-world for the benefit of the corporate west. In 1954, the CIA staged a coup d 'etat in Guatemala against the democratically

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