The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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One may call self-preservation a natural, basic instinct. This will to survive is strong, but how far would you be willing to go to stay alive? In The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, a series of events unfold in the 1600s when a group of girls accuse others of conspiring with the devil. These accusations spread and the mass hysteria caused neighbors and friends to turn on each other. When unexplainable things happened, they attributed it to other performing witchcraft. The religious town of Salem took action against the accusations by making a court. This court prosecuted anyone suspected of being a witch or being affiliated with one. With little to no evidence, many innocent people were arrested and even killed in Salem. A recurring theme prevalent throughout The Crucible is self-preservation. Reverend Parris did many things to protect himself from other people in Salem. “I regard that six pound as part of my salary. I am paid little enough without I spend six pound on firewood… demand the deed to this house… I want a mark of confidence, is all! I am your third preacher in seven years. I do not wish to be put out like the cat whenever some majority feels the whim.” (Miller 17) Reverend Parris realized that he could be replaced at any given moment, considering Salme had three ministers in the past seven years. He wanted to make sure that he would not be so easy to replace or get rid of. Parris asked for a raise in pay, lumber, and the deed to his house. Having the

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