The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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The Crucible, a novel/play by Arthur Miller displays the chaos of the witch trials within the small town of Salem, Mass. Of the many characters of the novel, John Proctor and Mary Warren are both characters that serve an importance to the novel. The two characters both interact in the stories in different ways. Even though both characters can be seen as minor characters because of their inferior power in the novel, Proctor and Mary Warren serve as important characters to the story line. One reason being the fact that they both bring about problems with and/or against antagonist Abigail Williams such as Mary Warren, who likes the feeling of have authority but gets into unwanted conflict often, and Proctor, who is an very aggressive person…show more content…
While speaking in private at Rev. Parris 's house, Abigail confess to Proctor her true intentions, and what she really wants. Upon finding out about Abigail still being in love with him, we start to see Proctor 's more aggressive side. This is shown when he says to Abigail after she speaks badly of Elizabeth, "shaking her: Do you look for a whippin '?" (Miller 24). This is not Proctor 's first time slipping up and over showing his rage and emotion. For he is a very emotional man and confident in his choices and ideas; well except when it comes to his mistake of engaging in any type of relationship with Abigail. After firing Abigail, Elizabeth continues to be suspicious of Proctor. We see this in Act II when Elizabeth starts arguing with Proctor over still having feelings for Abigail or sending her mixed/ the wrong signals. Proctor maybe feeling guilt for his actions but with no other better counter in the argument he turns towards his angrier side. This is evident in his words saying " with a violent undertone: You doubt me yet?" (Miller 54). Soon after this argument or should it be said during the mid-argument Proctor 's anger is now directed to Mary Warren upon her arrival in the house. This is better shown/explained by Miller who states " As soon as he sees her, he goes directly to her and grabs her by her cloak, furious... shaking her. I 'll whip you if you dare leave this house again!"
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