The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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The Crucible is a chaotic play, throughout this American classic Arthur Miller takes the reader through multiple events of terror and insanity. While creating a great on-stage play, Arthur Miller portrays his life through the events, the characters, and plot of The Crucible. Using vivid imagery and comprehensible symbolism, Miller manipulates the real personalities of the characters and events in 1600 Salem, Massachusetts to create a symbolic autobiography. Throughout this play, the reader experiences Miller 's poverty-stricken childhood, his tragic marriage occurrences, and his undergo with McCarthyism.
Arthur Miller was born from parents of Polish and Jewish descent, Augusta and Isidore Miller, in Harlem, 1915. Isidore, Arthur 's father, owned a successful clothing store bringing the family adored wealth. Upon the Wall Street Crash of 1929, The Miller’s lost ostensibly everything. Their financial hardships enforced the family to move to Brooklyn. Young Arthur Miller went from living in prosperity to living a struggled American childhood. Miller symbolizes this significant phenomenon in his early years with the witch trials in The Crucible. 1692 Salem, Massachusetts went from a sustained settlement to a chaotic nightmare within a period of days. Once the witch trials started everything was ostensibly lost. All happiness, security, love, trust for others, and composure vanished with the commencement of the witch trials. Another event in The Crucible that symbolizes Arthur…

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