The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible show the hysteria that took place in Salem in 1692. Even though this play is fiction, Miller based the plot of his play on a real historical event which was McCarthyism in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s. There’re many connection in The Crucible to be considered as an allegory due to similarities themes and how the characters are being portrayed. Miller does an excellent job of portraying numerals characters used fear for benefit and they showed selfishness and malfeasance. This is also similar to how Joseph McCarthy’s oppressive by using intense fear of the spread of the economic system called communism. McCarthyism is used to describe accusations of treason without evidence. Back in the 1950’s, with the spread of communism across China and in Eastern Europe, people were afraid that communism could influence American’s minds. As the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the United States intensified, people were engulfed in fear and started to suspiscion evevrybody with difference political belief. In The Crucible, Salem established itself as a religious community, in which the government was based on the Puritan religion. Similar to the fear of communism, in the Salem town, the Devil appeared to be what created the panic of the townspeople. Fear is definitely plays an important role in both of these events. Fear oftens caused by physical and emotional danger, anxiety for oneself or another, or feeling of dread.

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