The Crucible By Arthur Miller Essay

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In the literary piece, “The Crucible”, we are able to analyze the play with multiple theories or lenses, The play, which was written in the 1956 by Arthur Miller, is a play full of lust, passion, and lies. It all started when a small village which was once all about religion and simplicity and became a one stop ride to hell and eternal hanging. Tituba, Abigail, and the others were originally caught dancing and evoking the devil himself by Reverend Parris. Hysteria was what Parris originally reported and that was exactly what it was. Many innocent young ladies were humiliated and accused of practicing witchcraft. This was the original spark to the conflict as a whole. Those girls were living an extremely trite lifestyle that they no longer found interest in. The girls brought up the whole hysteria controversy amongst themselves unaware of the consequences and how far and dangerous it could get.The affair between Abigail and John Proctor is what sets the main plot into action. These two including Elizabeth are the most important characters in the play. There are three lenses or perspectives that the play can be analyzed by: Psychoanalytical, Archetypal, and Feminist perspectives. The Psychoanalytical perspective or theory is based off Sigmund Freud, who was known as the “Father of modern psychology”. Freud said there are three components to the subconscious: the ID which is one 's basic desires, the Superego which is the opposite of ID to find guilt and all behavior related to

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