The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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People will do almost anything to take down the person they believe to be the cause of their problems. McCarthyism blew up in the 1940’s when America and Russia (a communist country) had a race with technology. With this McCarty saw his opportunity to take down his competition by accusing them of being a communist; which at the time, was seen as being a large threat to the American government. Sense that Russia was a communist country, and threatening war against America, being a communist was punishable by incarceration. While with the Salem Witch Trials of sixteen-ninety two the court and townspeople were pushed into unthinkable things by their own fears of few people. In The Crucible (written based off of the records Miller read when he visited Salem) Abigail was determined to get what and who she wanted, and in trying to achieve that goal Abigail accused women in the town of witchcraft to protect herself. Being accused of witchcraft in Salem was the equivalent of being accused of being a communist in the nineteen-forties. Miller wrote the Crucible to point out the underlying ridiculousness that sparked real fear in both the time of McCarthyism and the Salem Witch Trials; McCarthy and Abigail protecting themselves, punishment being the best option, and having no proof but still ruined people 's lives. McCarthy’s only goal was to protect himself so he put the light on him opponents. Taking advantage of the time and fearful state that America was in McCarthy found a…

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