The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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Crucible Paper The Crucible was based off the events in a small town/ village called Salem in 1692. There were no more than 600 residents all together so everyone knew each other. The Crucible focused on the Salem witch trials that took place, and started from young girls claiming to be possessed by the devil. The people who lived in Salem were so obsessive about the possible threats in their town that they came up with unreasonable reasons on who was a witch, which made many innocent people die. Many innocent people were accused just because someone didn’t like them or wanted rid of them. Most were executed without a fair trial. These young girls caused a chain of events that will never be forgotten; They killed several people and ruined many others lives. There were three girls that started the Salem Witch Trials; Abigail Williams, Betty Paris and Ann Putman Jr. They had strange behaviors that included hallucinations, shouting out in church, having fits, making strange sounds, and feeling as if they were being poked or pricked by something or someone ( This started the belief of the supernatural and the belief in the devil’s practice of giving humans the power to harm others in the return of their loyalty. The people of Salem believed in this right away for the reason that they were afraid of living their afterlife in hell and all they wanted to do was obey God. This started the witch hysteria in January of 1692. Salem Village had

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