The Crucible By The Salem Witch Trials

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“The Crucible”
Who can people trust in a world filled with self-centered and ambitious enemies? Are their neighbors friends or foe? Those are questions many people faced in the seventeenth century and in the 1950s when mobocracy enveloped America. The Second Red Scare and the Salem Witch Trials were both tragic events that took place during these time periods; during this time, people were in a constant state of paranoia and fear. Many respected people lost their lives because they were accused of sinister deeds. For the Salem Witch Trial this meant being associated with witchcraft or conspiring with Satan; in the same fashion, during the Second Red Scare it meant being accused being a Communist or a spy. To make it more alarming, once accused, it was extremely difficult to get one’s name cleared because there was very little room for rebuttal against witness testimony. Many factors that caused such a frightening outcome of the Salem Witch Trials and general mobocracy include the dissension among citizens, the repressed girls of Salem and the Puritan religious beliefs. The hysteria that erupted in the seventeenth century was caused by the wary distrust between neighbors. There was already passive aggression and revulsion among the citizens; many people were disproportionately matched. Some people were politically distressed and others were upset because of judicial feuds or inheritance issues. Reputation was also very important during this time period, yet it meant nothing…
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