The Crucible By William Miller

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Crucible could be defined as a severe test, whereas in The Crucible, all of the townspeople were put to trial when it came to the assumption of witchcraft being used in Salem, Massachusetts. This play was based upon the events that were going on during that time period. During this time it was hard to actually trust someone because they could possibly falsely accuse one for a crime they had nothing to do with. After reading this play, I was able to notice the symbolism that Miller used. One may be able to compare this particular play to McCarthyism and just communism itself. Just like Arthur Miller, Senator Joseph McCarthy was also accused of being a communist.
After reading The Crucible, one might be able to notice many forms of symbolism Miller used from McCarthy and what he went through. Mrs. Walker was capable of answering all of the questions I had prepared. I continued with the interview and asked, is there any relationship or symbolism between McCarthy and The Crucible? She responded, “The Salem Witch Trials and McCarthyism ruined the lives of innocent people. They were not willing to stand up because they did not want to be accused of a communist or witch.” Whereas, on the other hand, you had people in both situations willing to falsely accuse someone of communism. Why would anyone choose to accuse people of something that they were not even sure they did? They felt like, if they pointed the finger at other people, it would take the attention off people beginning…
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