The Crucible By William Shakespeare

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The Crucible was based on a Puritan society where religion played as the foundation of everything. Fear was operating in the witchcraft accusations and in the people who lived there. During that time, these fears were masked by anger toward one another. This misplaced anger grew to vengeance and only led to more fear.
Throughout the stage play, the Putnam family helped fuel that fear. For their greediness, led to accusations of which craft. From their first child, Anne Putnam had said that Rebecca Nurse stole the souls of her babies. Putting Goody Nurse in for the hanging, literally. On the “Are you serious,” scale of the Putnam’s role in this story; Mr. Putnam gets his daughter caught up in this mess by forcing her to plea on her neighbor George Jacobs as a witch, or warlock. Making her tell the court, that an older man’s spirit would lay upon her in the night. The only reason he did this, was for the man’s land and livestock. Although Ruth worked with the other girls on the accusations, this action was more of a bad mark upon her father. Just as bad of a role Putnam played, Mr. Parris toyed with the lives of others as well. With his niece accusing everyone of witchcraft, Parris 's leadership and job comes into spotlight. From the beginning of the story you see that he’s focused more on himself then he is on the good of the town. Between candlesticks, a home to be all his own, and money for wood, he’s simply more interested in himself then the true issue going on. Every
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