The Crucible Character Analysis

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The Crucible written by Arthur Miller writes this play based on the witchcraft that occurs in Salem, Massachusetts. The small community was condemned if they’re found guilty of performing any witchcraft. This lead to the deaths of many citizens in Salem who were falsely accused in court Abigail, one of the main characters, is the caused of all the witchcraft and blamed others for her actions. She is an orphan and an unmarried girl who had an affair with John Proctor. The first step for Abigail to gain power over Proctor was having an affair which led to her trying to take Elizabeth’s place. The court believes the lies Abigail testifies by including innocent citizens who were falsely accused. Abigail begins to plan her vengeance towards Elizabeth Proctor which affected the whole community for believing in her.
The city of Salem is small filled with witchcraft caused by Abigail Williams. In the beginning, Abigail is found guilty for dancing in the forest with Tituba, Paris’s slave. Although, Abigail denies the fact that she and the girls were involved in the witchcraft. Parris who is Abigail’s uncle is worried about his reputation and losing his power from this scandal. In this scene, Parris seems to worry more about his reputation amongst the community instead of Abigail’s contribute to witchcraft. The community praises the status of those who have the power of the citizens of Salem leaving them with no voice. For example, Betty says, “You drank blood, Abby, you drank

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