The Crucible Character Analysis

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The Crucible, a play written by Arthur Miller, centers around the Salem witch trials where many people in Salem, Massachusetts are put on trial after being wrongly accused of working with the Devil. Whether or not they are accused, everyone in the play must confront their own crucible, a severe trial that will reveal their true character. They must decide whether to be a bystander and do nothing to help the innocent, or to fight for justice against the court’s wrongdoings. Revered Hale first comes to Salem as an expert in witchcraft determined to find the truth. He is confident in his abilities and is prepared to undercover the truth. When people are first accused, Hale knows in his heart that they are innocent, yet does nothing to help because he is worried about his reputation. Throughout the play, Hale experiences a change in his character when he learns that doing the right thing is more important than people’s opinions of him. Hale’s character development throughout the play mirrors the central theme of The Crucible as he goes through a personal crucible. This severe trial will ultimately reveal his integrity and moral courage as a guilty conscience and meticulous self examination lead Hale to attempt redemption. Hale’s personal trial throughout the beginning of the play is illustrated in his denial of the truth about witchcraft in Salem. This situation reflects the main theme of the play where every character must face a test where they decide between evil and

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