The Crucible Character Analysis

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John Proctor, one of the main characters in The Crucible, is mostly viewed as being a heroic character. But in the play, he faces multiple tragedies. Sometimes tragedies can be misunderstood, but in the eighteenth century, British writer Horace Walpole observed that “the world is a comedy to those that think, a tragedy to those that feel.”(Tragedy, James J. Martine). So depending on how one might look at the story it may or may not be a “tragedy.” The Crucible’s tragedies and real world tragedies are very different, but in both The Crucible and the real world getting through tragedies can be similar.
In the play, John Proctor’s actions and thoughts show that he is a brave and heroic character. “John is “heroic” not merely because he points the finger at himself, but because his story allows him to point out the evil in his environment.”(Tragedy, James J. Martine). John knows how to think about the situation and would make a decision that was in the best bet for him and his family. In The Crucible, when John had just confessed to Danforth, he was asked to sign his name, but John said, “You come to save my soul, did you not? Here! I have confessed myself: it is enough!”(Miller,132). This is evidence that proves John was only going to tell them he confessed and would not sign away his name for his family and for himself. If John were to sign his name, that would disgrace him and his family forever.
John would go through a lot in the play, but one of the most tragic events in

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