The Crucible Character Analysis

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Evil antagonists are a fundamental and timeless part of literature from the Salem Witch Trials to the Red Scare to present day Disney movies. Villains are used to provide a source of conflict for a story. Author, Arthur Miller instills villain qualities in one of his main characters, Abigail. The Crucible is a story written about the Salem Witch Trials. Abigail is the main character in charge of accusing men and woman of being with the devil. Abigail’s traits mirror those of various Disney villains. Abigail’s omnipotent power throughout The Crucible reflects Maleficent's talent. Maleficent is the most powerful fairy that uses magic to harm others due to her hate and desire for revenge. Maleficent uses this magic to curse Aurora…show more content…
Abigail was a part of conjuring spirits in the woods, and drinking blood to harm Elizabeth Proctor, but when Reverend Hale confronted her, she blamed Tituba for dragging her out to the woods to conjure spirits with her, and for, “send[ing] her spirit on [her] in church,” (482). They believed that Tituba was at fault and that Abigail was completely innocent. The group of people as a whole completely fell for Abigail’s manipulation, just as Anita fell for Cruella De Vil’s. Abigail also manipulates Parris into believing that she and Betty did not conjure spirits, even though they did. Abigail confesses to dancing in the forest, “but … never conjured spirits,” (463). Parris finally falls for Abigail’s manipulation and believes that she did nothing more than dance in the forest. Abigail’s manipulation is just as strong as Cruella De Vil’s, and she uses it to her advantage just as Cruella does. Abigail’s values are in line with numerous villains throughout Disney. Most villains have a downfall at some point if their values represent only power and deceit and Abigail’s true values lie with those of a villain. She is only concerned with the power she holds and the manipulation of others to get what she wants. Abigail proves that omnipotent power and manipulation are two traits that are not important. The vengeful mindset of Ursula is mimicked by Abigail in The Crucible. Banished from ruling the seas with her brother, King Triton,
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