The Crucible Character Analysis

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Ah, high school. The only place where people can see a person’s future change in an instant. Just like pages in the book no human has ever read and or remembered, what experiences we had in high school will never be replicated. Our minds change in high school and because of these changes we only experience what we interpret as good and bad never truly having the knowledge of what could have been if we had only changed one word in a sentence or the facial expressions we made. This is true not only in high school but in adult life as well. Every waking moment we face experiences that we could never have the chance to experience again. One of the best reading experiences I have ever enjoyed was in a play titled The Crucible. Written by Arthur Miller in 1953, The Crucible was a fictional play based off the Salem Witch Trials that haunted the city of Salem, Massachusetts in the late 1600s. The play’s overall portrayal of characters gave me an almost personal connection towards each dynamic character in the play. It’s main protagonist, John Proctor, was a married man whose past transgressions with a younger house maid, with the name of Abigail Williams, comes back to haunt him as she encompasses the town of Salem into paranoia filled battleground of deceit and death. From its first act to its’ last act, there are the ever-present morals and situations that we see in our daily life. After having read this while I was a junior in high school, my interpretation of different beliefs
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