The Crucible Character Analysis

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Liam Ryan Mr. Healy Eng 2. Honors The Crucible Arthur Miller The main character, John Proctor proves himself an honest, level headed, dignified man who is broken down but never lets go of his name showing that his reputation is more important than his life. For example, he cannot escape the adultery he committed with Abigail. Proctor tries to ignore this, but during the trials, Proctor realizes that the only way to stop Abigail would be to confess his adultery. Proctor cannot ruin his reputation, he wants to maintain his dignity, however, as the trails begin to lead to more and more deaths, Proctor has no choice. Furthermore, after he is thrown in jail, he continues go down a downward spiral. Proctor is forced to admit working with Satan to save himself and others that will be hanged. He loses self-respect because he must lie and act like a fool just to survive. In addition, when given a paper to sign, Proctor cannot sign it. Although he gave up his soul, his name is all he has left and he cannot give it up and he tears up the paper and chooses to hang. Being a good man, Proctor will never give up is name. To him, giving up his name means giving up his dignity, without it he is nothing, so he would rather die with dignity, than live with nothing. With all the characters of The Crucible, there are many plot points to focus on, but mainly in the center is the story of John Proctor and Abigail Williams. At the start, a child of Reverend Parris named Betty is lying in bed
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