The Crucible - Comparing Play and Movie

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	Arthur Miller 's play, The Crucible, and the movie with the same name have many differences and similarities, all of which contribute to the individual effectiveness of each in conveying their central message. 	There are several additions and variances in the movie. First of all, the scene where the children and Tituba are dancing in the forest is never seen in the forest; we simply learn of it from dialogue. This scene was most probably added in the movie for a dramatic effect: foreshadowing. Along the same lines, there are many scenes included in the movie that are outdoors, however; there were no such scenes in the play. All of the action in the play was indoors. The director, in this case, was simply using the advantages of…show more content…
I believe the purpose of their running into the ocean was that the girls needed to cleanse themselves of the evil spirits. The accusation of John Proctor practicing witchcraft comes when he is standing in the water to his mid-thigh, possibly meaning that, although he has sinned less than some, he still needs to be baptized (in a sense) completely to be free of his misdoings. The final three differences all have to do with Abigail. First of all, she is seen stealing money from her uncle where in the play we only hear of it second-hand. Second, in the movie, Abigail visits John Proctor in jail, which never occurred in the play. Lastly, Abigail accuses the Reverend John Hale 's wife of witchcraft, and is told by Judge Danforth that she is mistaken. This did not happen in the play, but helps in the movie to more clearly define Abigail as one of the "bad guys" in the movie. Personally speaking, I prefer the movie to the play. Granted, the play may have deep, underlying meanings, but to me, it wasn 't very moving or emotional. The additions made in the movie help to more clearly define the roles of good and evil, and play on the hidden feelings people have. I think most of the additions, if not all, were appropriately made and were quite successful. I enjoyed both the movie and our reading of the play very much, but again, I would have to say that I prefer the
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