The Crucible Essay

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THE CRUCIBLE ESSAY ‘The Crucible’ written by Arthur Miller and my related material ‘Happy Feet’ by George Miller is true to this statement “Understanding nourishes belonging…a lack of understanding prevents it” that represents the interpretation of belonging. To define belong is to have the correct personal and social assets to be a member of a particular group or it could be to fit a particular environment.
By a sense of place, people you meet, and context and environment can affect belonging. The place that affects belonging in ‘The Crucible’ is set in Salem Massachusetts, USA, in 1692. What arises in this specific setting is only a theocracy based on a very literal Christianity.
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In contrast to all the penguins who willingly obeyed every line in the book, Mumble in this settling who had apparently “upset the Great Gwen”. This was done by the fact that mumble possessed a trait that the Great Gwen did not successfully ‘imbued’ into Mumble during time of birth, instead Mumble danced. As such, the film also stated that the colony was suffering from food shortage which the blame fell to Mumble for ‘defying the Great Gwen’. The use of the Great Gwen as a motif of a god-like figure and a symbol of religion itself, the way the film used the idea in a repetitive manner reinforced that this was the everything to them. Also the Elder Emperor Penguin stated ‘together we shall prevail’ with the use of archaic language such as shall to create an air of all-knowing character. With huge number of penguins supporting the Great Gwen, Mumble alone and his ‘amigos’ cannot stand a chance belonging into the group. Thus the setting in Happy Feet portrayed a strong message of majority versus minority.
“Understanding nourishes belonging…a lack of understanding prevents it” is true to my prescribed text and related material in numerous ways. The theme inclusion and exclusion would be discussed to prove my point. One of the most important elements that have lead injustice and destructiveness to the situation of the Salem in that the young people are being excluded from society. This has encouraged young people to be

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