The Crucible Film Essay

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The Crucible Film The Crucible; an intensely emotional and dramatic film based on the horrific story of the Salem witch trials. The opening and concluding sequences are of great importance in conjuring the melancholy atmosphere present throughout the story. The director uses various different devices to achieve this. A variety of camera techniques are used throughout the beginning sequence to enhance the mood and involve the audience. Camera techniques are harmonized with lighting effects to culminate this dramatic scene. I will begin by discussing examples of this. In the village, many close-ups and long shots are used to enhance facial expression and to set the sombre mood. Opening…show more content…
Intermittent between tracking shots, the camera is set behind trees or branches as it follows the girls, as if they are being secretly monitored. When the girls are casting the spell, close-ups and fast paced pan shots are used to conjure a feeling of chaos and frenzy. Intermittent switching between shots further emphasizes this. For example; the camera switches from shots of the dancing girls to the tracking of Parris searching for them. This creates anxiety and prepares the audience for the scene's climax; Abigail's uninhibited violence. Lighting and sound are another two key factors that can be manipulated to heighten the dramatic value of the scene. With the opening of the first sequence, the musical motif that accompanies Abigail throughout the film begins to play as she is introduced. It follows her emotions, the tempo increasing as she hurries to ready herself and creep out of the house. As the forest comes into view, the eerie surroundings are complemented by the change in music. Wind instruments accompany drums to create an uncanny aura. The absence of sound effects until the girls reach the forest focuses the attention of the audience on the characters. Sound effects are introduced immediately after they set foot in the forest. This technique creates a contrast in the girls' mood - previously being sinister and silent,
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