The Crucible: Intolerance

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Erik Lindroth Ms. Wasserman English 11 October 18, 2012 Intolerance is an action that was a major part of puritan society, and is still encountered in our modern world. Ironically, intolerance is a often a result of religious expectations and differing opinions. In both the Puritan society of Salem and the modern world, intolerance results from between those who strongly follow a religion, and others who differ. Since religions contain a variety of ideas and beliefs that are regarded so highly, religious members tend to become intolerant to varying beliefs and behaviors. Even those in Puritan culture who were not necessarily a religious leader, but still held high authority, made intolerant claims. Puritans related everything to God…show more content…
Because Lively sees in black and white, just like Danforth, anyone who is not a follower of God, is then a follower of the Devil. He believes he is following God more intently because he is persecuting followers of Satan. His actions are entirely intolerant to people who have different opinions. Instead of being open-minded, he chose to punish people who are different. Intolerance can be easily found throughout history, and still today. People like Reverend Hale and Judge Danforth, in Salem, accused people who did not agree with their strict religious ideas. In the same way, Pastor Scott Lively persecuted homosexuals in Uganda because the Bible has different morals. They were all unable to be docile and submissive to a variety of behaviors. Because of this, they accused and persecuted others on behalf of their religion. They all felt they were being obedient to God, which is why they were so pressed to rid the world of these people. Religious morals that conflicted with secular opinions led to acts of
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