The Crucible: Judgment

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The Crucible: Judgment The definition of judgment according to Encarta Encyclopedia, is the formation of an opinion. It is a simple definition,clear and direct. Although, there is more to the word judgment than meets the eye. What about the last word in the definition? What is an opinion? An opinion is described as a belief or conclusion that is held without any substantial proof. That word might not seem to have too much significance at this very moment, but it did back in 1692, in Salem, Massachusetts, during the witch scare. Making a judgment on somebody may seem harmless, but it can be very destructive. The citizens of Salem made judgments on their neighbors, forming opinions that they might be witches. Those solitary judgments led…show more content…
Reading books is not in the same category as witchcraft and should not be suspicious at all (171). It shows that people in Salem can be judged and treated differently without proof or an explanation for the cause of their accusation. If one makes a statement of the other and if that statement is not proven wrong, you are immediately defined to be whatever that statement describes you as; innocent people are blamed and mistaken as bad people. We go back to the definition of judgment, which is an opinion, and we can say that during the witch trials many people were judged and falsely accused of something they either did not do or were not proven to have the capability of doing so. Judgment can harm a person and it can be destructive in any way possible, do not judge a person unless you know it's a

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