The Crucible Literary Analysis

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Arthur Miller’s diction and allusions in The Crucible displays the character’s opposition to Puritan ideology. Although Puritanism is a strict religion, many of the characters in the play do not follow its ideology to the full extent. Within 10 pages of the play, the audience is introduced to an offense that has occurred. Parris, the greedy reverend in Salem, says he discovered his niece, Abigail and daughter, Betty “dancing like heathen in the forest” (Miller 10). For Puritans, any fun activities, such as dancing, are wrong because it serves the Devil. Miller’s use of “heathen” further connects dancing as an immoral act because of heathen’s definition. Since heathen means a person who does not serve the Christian god, using heathen as a comparison…show more content…
When someone conjures spirits, they must contact the Devil first, which is against Puritan ideology. The word conjuring has a negative connotation with the Devil, who is universally known as evil. Thus when Millir uses conjuring, it is to exemplify how Abigail does not typify Puritan ideology. In addition to diction, Miller also uses allusions to demonstrate how The Crucible does not typify Puritan ideology. Although Abigail is the most sacrilegious character in the play, most of the people in Slaem have deviated from the Puritan way of life once or twice. Miller alludes to Salem’s transgressions when a character say “Abigail brings other the other girls into the court, and where she walks the crowd will part like the sea for Israel” (53). Israel was a group of people enslaved in Egypt until God used a man named Moses to free them. When they were escaping, they had to cross the Red Sea, but God parted the waters for them. Later on, some of them rejected God and God punished them to walk aimlessly in the deset for 40 years. Miller’s reference to Israel exhibits how the Salem people are sinning and rejecting God by bearing false witness and enacting vengeance. Like Israel, the people of Salem do not typify Puritan ideology because they are no longer following
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