The Crucible Movie Review

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The Crucible The movie the crucible is based upon a play that was written by an author by the name of Arthur Miller. The movie is based around the Salem witch trial which took place in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. Where a bunch of young girls in the community of Salem had just simply went into the woods with an African American slave woman named tituba to create a love potion for young men to fall in love with them like any other normal young girl might think would just be fun. The girls were then seen dancing naked in the woods by reverend parris which happens to be one of the girl’s uncle and this is pretty much where all hell broke loose in Salem. (The Crucible 1996) As the movie goes on it goes on to show that all the girls that…show more content…
The girls would get into weird poses and faint and things like that to show that they were being possessed by the witches. The Indian slave of reverend Paris was then accused of being a witch and when it came time for her trial she just admitted to being a witch and said if they were to touch her she would put a spell on them and she ended up being let go free. The only victim of the Salem witch hunt that was not a hung was a man by the name of Giles Corey who fought for his wife and was condemned as a witch. He had a board placed on his chest and they stacked rocks on it until he was dead.

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