The Crucible

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The Crucible Act Four Questions Short Response Answer the following questions based on your knowledge of the drama. Write a response on a separate sheet of paper. 1. Where does Tituba think that the Devil is going to take her? 2. Give one example of how Abigail shows her dishonesty in this act. 3. What effect do the trials have on Salem? Use three details from the drama to support your answer. 4. When first arrives at the Salem jail, Danforth complains, “There is a prodigious stench in this place.” How might this line be read to mean something besides a comment on the smell? 5. How is Giles Corey’s character reflected in his death? Use one detail from the drama to support your response. 6. What qualities does Proctor find…show more content…
PTS: 10 2. ANS: Responses will vary. Students may use one of he following details to show Abigail’s dishonesty in this act: a. She has disappeared with Mercy Lewis, perhaps on a ship (lines 142–160). b. She has stolen Parris’s money from his strongbox (lines 161–165). PTS: 10 3. ANS: Responses will vary. Students may say that the trials have negatively affected Salem because the trials themselves have raised suspicion, families are being torn apart, work is not getting done, and people are turning on each other over property. Students may use three of the following details to support their responses: a. Cheever explains that cows wander around town because their owners are in jail (lines 108–112 and 298–299). b. Townspeople fight over who now owns the cows (lines 108–112). c. Parris fears that the people in Salem will riot because many people being hanged have not confessed to guilt. Their friends and neighbors know them as good people, so they think that innocent people are being hanged (lines 190–194 and 203–210). d. Children who are now orphans because their parents have been executed or put in jail wander the town looking for food and shelter (lines 297–298). e. Crops are not harvested because the farmers are in jail or dead (lines 299–300). f. People are afraid because they do not know if or when they will be accused next (lines 300–301). PTS: 20 4. ANS: Students should say that

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