The Crucible, Questions And Answers

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1. I identify most with Mary Warren because she wanted to tell the truth and do what was right, however, she did not because she was afraid of Abigail. Miller identified most with John Proctor because Miller’s marriage of twelve years was similar to John and Elizabeth’s relationship. Miller says that John was able to fight against madness around him was a reassurance and inspiration to Miller.
2. Hale says he has come “to do the Devil’s work” because he has come to try to convince those who are accused of witchcraft to lie and say that they are witches. His actions are motivated by the opportunity of making him appear less guilty and he also wants to save those that are innocent.
4. Parris fears that the response of the people in Andover will cause a riot in Salem. In Andover, the court has been thrown out and there are rumors of revolt.
5. Hale counsels Elizabeth to persuade John Proctor to lie because it will keep the court from hanging him. I think he is right to do so because John is innocent and should not die.
7. Proctor’s motivation
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I do not think that Arthur Miller had a responsibility to portray the Salem witchcraft trials accurately. His use of “artistic license” to illustrate the parallel between the historical events in the Salem witch trials with McCarthyism is justified. I believe a writer, artist, or filmmaker can be as accurate as they want when basing a work of fiction on historical events because their job is to entertain. The historical events are used for inspiration and do not need to be portrayed accurately. Miller exaggerated some events in order to get his point across.
6. I think that The Crucible is a tragedy because John Proctor is a tragic hero whose flaws lead to his ultimate death. John Proctor gave into his temptations and had an affair. This affair caused the witch hunts in Salem that he got dragged into. Even though John was innocent, he was hanged because of the false accusations of witchcraft made by Abigail and the other
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