The Crucible Reflection

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On Friday, November 17th, 2017, Jack, a young man from Choosington, Ohio, would have his life turned forever into a downward spiral. It all starts that Thursday. On Thursday, Jack came home happy and full of optimism. He had just left his favorite class, AP Lang. Jack loved this class because of its inspirational and sensible instructor, Mr. Aptist. Mr. Aptist had taught Jack much over the course of the last few months. One of the main things Mr. Aptist taught Jack was to be diligent and innately motivated to complete his work. Jack took this to heart, this is why after school on this beautiful Thursday Jack raced home to read his assigned book The Crucible. Jack was to complete the second act of the book by Friday, having completed the first by Tuesday. Although Jack did not necessarily desire to read this book, he trusted the guidance of his honorable, yet flexible teacher. After completing his reading Jack goes to bed feeling prepared for the day that lies ahead of him, thanking Mr. Aptist for teaching him to complete his work. The very next day Jack has a great day at school leading up to the final class of the day, AP Lang. Jack is saddened when he walks into the class and sees the instructor has left in order to go to the Grammys. Although disappointed, Jack is still excited to prove to his teacher his responsibility through a test over his assigned reading. Jack anxiously awaits the test, but once he finally receives the test something is off. Was it just the missing
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