The Crucible - Revenge

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When one is done wrong in a particularly hurtful or offending way, getting revenge is sometimes thought of as the most satisfying way of regaining ones sense of self worth. This plan, however, holds an immense possibility of backfiring in ways never dreamed of. In fact, the outcome of the situation at hand is sometimes made worse than it might have been if this course of action is taken. Arthur Miller demonstrates this in his tragic play The Crucible, by showing the reader that although giving in to feelings of vengeance is easy to do, choosing the path of forgiveness often leads to better results in the long run. The foremost way Miller relays this message is through the unethical relationship of the married John Proctor and his young…show more content…
In time, John and Abigail might have been capable of being at least acquaintances, which would have been better than nothing at all, if she truly loved him as she said she did. This tragic incident is Miller’s way of showing the reader that forgiveness is often the best path to take, even if it is not the fun or more appealing option. In life, many opportunities to do the right thing occur, and the outcome of the predicament at hand depends on the choices that are made. Forgiveness in the face of an unfavorable incident is often time rather hard to do, but it typically leads to more positive outcome than vengeance would have lead to. Revenge, though quite tempting in its prospects, has the possibility of rebounding and causing an unappealing product, often times one that is worse than what the revenge was being perused for in the first place. Through this tragedy, Arthur Miller is able to show the audience the benefits in forgiveness. He uses Abigail’s misfortunate choice of action to communicate to the spectators that, while the temptation of vengeance is often a great one in the face of pain or offence, it holds the potential to rebound, when forgiveness typically holds no such potential. Every now and then, taking the higher road is better than taking the more satisfactory
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