The Crucible : Why I Will Jeopardize The Life In Arthur's Macbeth

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Tolerating a sharp pain in my ankle, I hasten down the cobblestone streets of London. Using the north star as my guide, I clutch an umber sack, dribbling with blood that stains my alabaster nightgown. From the sack, I hear the faint sound of a heartbeat, causing me to shudder and cursing myself for getting into this mess. If only I hadn't agreed to that wretched girl's contract. The contract that could jeopardize the life that I have created for myself. As it was first proposed, the witch said: "For a wish to become a reality, you must fulfill a favor." Why would I ever consent to a contract without even knowing the fine print? This whole predicament started with six words: “You are retired from your duties.” Before Fired? Fired?! I…show more content…
I wish to have great fortune.” I uttered. “Your wish has been granted.” She vanished. The next morning, I woke in a grand manor, with money aplenty. I splurged in my new abundance, and had already forgotten the favor that was to be asked of me. On the third year, at the cusp of dawn, the little girl appeared to me again. “Fulfill your favor.” She murmured. "Kill the one whose heart is the most selfish, or you will have nothing, once again." Instantly, I knew she was referring to Elizabeth, the one who cost me my old job all for less competition. Who else could have a more selfish heart than her pitiful being? The witch further continues her explanation. "Next, follow the north star, and find what land it radiates its light. Bury the heart." "That's all?" "Yes.” The little girl glares, looking at me like I’m a test subject she would like to inspect. “I will sacrifice a life. It’s in my best interest, is it not?” I asked agreeing to her deal. “Perhaps. I will see you soon.” Just as suddenly as she came, she vanished, and I was off. I quickly put on a pair of leather boots, snatched a dagger from the games room, and emptied a bag of potatoes for a bag. I ran out of my manor, and made my way downtown, using memory to scout out the manor I’d worked in so many years ago. Once I found it, I snuck to the back of the manor and found the door that was always unlocked, for the servants to have quick access to the outhouse. When inside, I crept towards the servants’ quarters and

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